My name is Leslie Barrett, and I am an educator.  I taught children for many years, and now my career has taken me in a direction where I create and provide professional learning opportunities for teachers and librarians.

I am also a student.  I am working on a Master of Education in Educational Technology.  I love discovering ways technology can enhance and facilitate quality learning experiences for students and educators.

This blog was inspired by a blog post by Dean Shareski.  In it, Shareski posits that the practice of reflective blogging not only creates better teachers, but is one of the best professional development experiences available to educators.

In that spirit I have created this blog, bloom, as a place to record my thinking and reflect on my experiences as I continue to learn and grow in my professional and personal life.  My hope is that I will become a better teacher of teachers, and that I will possibly inspire other educators to nurture their own growth in a similar manner.


Image courtesy of Pixabay Free Images

The opinions expressed here are my own.  They do not represent nor are they affiliated in any way with my employer.


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