A Tech Tool Summer

This summer I worked with some wonderful librarians on considering opportunities for non-traditional professional learning opportunities as well as exploring some easy and fun technology tools to use in their libraries and library instruction. One of my favorite simple tools to use is Thinglink. You can upload any image to Thinglink and tag it with links out to websites, images, videos or just plain text. Below is an example I created with a few of the topics we discussed during our summer library workshops.  Unfortunately, Thinglink isn’t embedding correctly with my WordPress hosted site, so you’ll have to click the image below to be redirected to the Thinglink site get the full effect of the tool.  This is a frustrating pattern I’m noticing with WordPress, a tool I recommended to the librarians in my workshop this summer who are looking to start blogs, but one which I am reconsidering recommending.  Seems like embedding shouldn’t be so complicated.  But what do I know?

On a side note, I created the main image above in Piktochart, another of my favorite tech tools for creating pretty and informative images.  The downside to both of these tech tools is the branding that is so common to free tools.  This free thing is also probably the source of my WordPress limitations and frustrations.  The upside:  did I mention these tools are FREE?